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Katrina Bowden & Kelly Brook

Katrina Bowden - 04/17/2008

The lovely young Katrina Bowden with the million-watt smile is wearing her normally long shag cut hair up in a loosely wound knot at the back. The sun-kissed highlights of her dark blonde hair shine radiantly and the soft waves of the few tendrils left to frame the face draw focus to the aforementioned smile. It's a dressy hairstyle that's still playful and fun.
Kelly Brook - 04/20/2008

1940s look for long hair - Kelly Brook Looking more suited to the 1940s Hollywood scene than a Television Awards show, the British model/actress Kelly Brook looks absolutely stunning. Her long brown hair is luminous with natural-looking highlights and deep, sumptuous lowlights. However the most stunning quality is the healthy shine and reflective quality of the hair. This is evidenced in the light bouncing off the beautiful curls in a lush, flowing curtain.
The hairstyle is best created using large rollers in a wet set with a medium hold product. Dried under a hood or left to dry naturally, the long, cut with layered ends (the last 4-5 inches) is brushed out into this sweeping style that moves, flows, bounces and literally sparkles. It's a look to make men weak and other women jealous.