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Ashley Rickards & Isabelle Fuhrman

Ashley Rickards - 07/21/2009
Ashley Rickards - Long brunette hair with spirals
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Ashley Rickards is the object of envy with her lush thick brunette hair. There is a zigzag side part training the bangs to ride over onto the forehead into strips of smoothness that rest just below a brow. From the part to about the height of her cheekbones her hair is flat and smooth, then; as is the trend of today; the sections of spirals are placed below her shoulders. Ashley's hair is extra long and if it were straightened would probably dip almost to her waistline. Her makeup is fine and light with smoky tones for her eye shadow. There are lashes, mascara and eyeliner with a few penciled strokes in the brows and a fine tinge of blush with a rose/pink lip color.
A jumble array of ruffled color defines Ashley's summery sundress that dips into a long v in the front.
Isabelle Fuhrman - 07/21/2007
Isabelle Fuhrman wearing her long hair smooth and straight
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Isabelle Fuhrman is wearing her long brunette hair in a smooth straight style. The bangs are textured and combed from a side part to the peek-a-boos over the one eye. There is a slight volume of pouf in her crown that could be from her hair being blown dry, backcombing or the slight layering and is probably the result of all three. I can envision Isabel wearing her smooth hairstyle with jeans and a preppy plaid shirt. For a more elegant demeanor that would accompany her light navy satin strapless dress I would put her hair up and away from her face, or pulled back into the center of her head with light coils flowing from the crown. Her bangs would be poufy so that her pretty eyes could be seen as her eyebrows are one of her best features.
There is a fresh spring tone to Isabel's makeup. Her transparent foundation gives only a hint of blush. She is also wearing light mascara and a translucent lip color.