Ashley Rickards' Hair

Ashley Rickards - Long brunette hair with spirals
Photo by PR Photos
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Ashley Rickards is the object of envy with her lush thick brunette hair. There is a zigzag side part training the bangs to ride over onto the forehead into strips of smoothness that rest just below a brow.
From the part to about the height of her cheekbones her hair is flat and smooth, then; as is the trend of today; the sections of spirals are placed below her shoulders. Ashley's hair is extra long and if it were straightened would probably dip almost to her waistline.
Her make-up is fine and light with smoky tones for her eye shadow. There are lashes, mascara and eyeliner with a few penciled strokes in the brows and a fine tinge of blush with a rose/pink lip color.
Ashley Rickards wearing her hair long with spiral curls
Photo by PR Photos
A jumble array of ruffled color defines Ashley's summery sundress that dips into a long V in the front.
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