Madeline Zima's Long Hair

Madeline Zima - Long brown hair with an angled center part
Photo by PR Photos
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Madeline Zima was born on September 16, 1985 and is an American actress. Her familiar face would be quickly recognized on the television series The Nanny as Grace Sheffield.
Madeline has her long brown hair in an angled centered part and her hair travels all the way down below the top of her dress in the back and she still looks thin. Naturally, we've got to say it must be her youth, but have you ever seen anyone look this good in orange?
I wouldn't change anything with Ms. Madeline. Her hair was blown dry and left to hang in the fluffy length. Her eyebrows are meticulously kept in their natural thick lines with eyeliner, lashes, mascara, warm shadow, blush and a neutral transparent lip tint.
Madeline Zima's fluffy long hair
Photo by PR Photos
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