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Hayden Panettiere & Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari - 04/30/2009

Kristin Cavallari has the buoyancy of a California blonde that is contrasted with the darker blonde and browns. Along the sides there are slithered ends angled beginning from her bangs that travel straightly over covering part of her face. No doubt Kristin's hairstylist has used plenty of smoothing serum to accomplish the thick panels of hair and gloss for the shine.
Kristin has delightful light amber brown eyes and keeps her makeup strategies simple. Her brows are combed over, similar to Nicollette Sheridan's. Light shadow is blended with a warm hue, thin eyeliner, possible lashes with mascara, touch of blush and pink lip color. Her light orange dress presents a flattering picture with her long drop gold earrings.
Hayden Panettiere - 03/30/2009

Hayden Panettiere greets us with her startling green eyes that remind us of cat's eyes. This little kitten wears her hair at shoulder length and shaped in long layers that have been smoothly directed to rest upon her shoulders, while other pieces lie back in dips or flips. Her blonde hair color is lightly contrasted with warm and light shades of brown. The edge of her bangs area has had a little root lift applied to have the volume we see that lifts up her hair off of her face and onto the side. The other side isn't quite as heavy or strong. Perhaps Hayden has a cowlick to help her out a little bit. Smoothing serum and gloss will help with the finishing touches of this coiffure.
Let's get back to her eyes. Her brows are shaped similar to yesterday's movie queen Elizabeth Taylor. Only Elizabeth's were much darker. Hayden has a few penciled in strokes to perfect her color and shape, light and dark shadow, eyeliner up and down, lashes and mascara, bronzing/blush and a pink flesh lip tone.
I envision Hayden with strawberry blonde hair as her eyes would be more of a focal point and also bring out more of the pink hues in her skin. I further would like to see her hair clipped about halfway upon her neckline, in a smooth alliance with two large c-curls on each side. Chop in some party bangs and magnifico! She is completely stunning and set apart from the rest.