Katie Holmes' Bob Haircut

Katie Holmes wearing her hair in a bob with the sides behind her ears
Photo by PR Photos
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Katie Holmes is wearing her hair dark and in a bob with the sides pulled behind her ears. We can see a few thin strings of blonde on the top that are also combed over to join the sides. There is a possibility she may be growing her hair out a bit, as the bob does look a little longer.
Her make-up is as simple as her hair with light touches of pencil on her brows, lashes, mascara, eyeliner, two toned shadow, a lip liner with a translucent glossy taupe color and just a tiny accent of blush.
Her svelte figure in the shiny crisscross black dress is very classy and most of the complimentary good looks are because of her short haircut.
Katie Holmes new hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: Never forget girls, a customized short haircut will work wonders for your figure. It might take at least five pounds off. Therefore, if you are on a diet anyway and have already lost 20 pounds why not go the gamut and get a new haircut while you are in the process. In that way, you might look 25 pounds less. Not that we would ever lie though.
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