Sterling Knight's Shag Cut

Sterling Knight with a shag hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Sterling Knight has his hair cut in a short shag haircut with a heavy, bulky top that is brought down and combed over his brows. The sides are long enough to cover half of his ears and to curl at the back of his neckline in irregular flips.
His hair color includes several tones of blonde, light brown, and even shades of cinnamon. The varied hair coloring undoubtedly adds texture to Sterling's styling process and makes it easier for him when he is styling it himself.
Tip: If you are looking to add volume to your hair, consider getting some coloring done. Schedule a consultation and seek expert advice on what would look good on you. If you are hesitant, why not start with just one shade lighter than your original color or a few streaks of that shade? Take it gradually if you're uncertain about making a big change.
Short shag haircut for men - Sterling Knight
Photo by PR Photos
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