Tiffany Dupont's Long Hair

Tiffany Dupont - Long reddish hair with waves below the shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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Tiffany Dupont wears a discerning knowing that goes beyond her years. It is almost like her eyes are saying that nothing can get past her, so why try? She keeps her hair in long reddish maple layers that become distinguishable with the two dips along the sides and idle waves that are coiled below her shoulders.
When we look a little closer we can also see stripes of brown arrayed throughout her hairstyle. The straight smooth effect usually reveals the colorful panels clearer than curly hair. With Tiffany's hairstyle, you can use a large curling iron to achieve the smooth dips and idle curls with a little bit of setting spray as you work.
Take care not to take too large of sections or your hairstyle might not last as long as you would like. Spritz a little bit of gloss when you are finished.
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