Kate French's Long Hair

Kate French - Long hair with idle waves
Photo by PR Photos
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Kate French has a unique spark that generates from the dark haired ladies who have accommodating blue eyes. Her long hair has been lifted a few levels from the natural color that we can see close to her scalp, with added selections of paneled colors of caramel, lighter brown and blonde.
There is a short fix in the middle while the rest of the sides swing down in lazy winding fluffs. A jumbo curling iron will be suitable to achieve the idle waves in the photos. Then, simply use a wide toothed comb and allow your hair to rest wherever it may settle. This will act in according to the phrase "my hair has a mind of its own." If you really believe that, then just let it do its own thing.
Kate joins the ranks of naturalness with her make-up. There is light foundation, bronzing/blush, light muted shadow, lashes, mascara, eyeliner, touched up brows and very neutral transparent lip tint. Wearing bright cherry red is a definite affirmative for Kate.
Kate French with long dark hair that was lifted a few levels
Photo by PR Photos
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