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Hilary Duff & Kate French

Hilary Duff - 02/28/2009

The skilled expertise of Hilary Duff's multi "flavored" slices of sienna beige, light chocolate browns and cinnamon hair colors are a complete display of perfect artistry. Notice the harmony with the light brown sitting next to the beige and how the colors bring out the beauty of Hilary's tan and her eyes. Outstanding! She has a scratchy part that allows for the hair to be lifted up just a bit, because it is going against its normal path. There is a smoothness that comes down into a large round pageboy type of hairstyle with an underflow current of hair that splashes upon her shoulders. Adding to her warm color is her large round earrings.
Truthfully, I wouldn't change a thing on Ms. Duff, unless I placed on a necklace on her to match her earrings. Her makeup, like her hair coloring is flawless and impeccable. There is a warm foundation with added bronzing, few penciled strokes in her brows, smoky and light shadow, dark eyeliner in a medium stroke, lashes, mascara and a neutral lip tint. Tip: The perfect hair coloring for you will bring out your eye color and also maximize your best features. Along with this is to find the perfect shape for your personality, body type and facial structures.
Kate French - 03/03/2009
Kate French - Long hair with idle waves
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Kate French has a unique spark that generates from the dark haired ladies who have accommodating blue eyes. Her long hair has been lifted a few levels from the natural color that we can see close to her scalp, with added selections of paneled colors of caramel, lighter brown and blonde. There is a short fix in the middle while the rest of the sides swing down in lazy winding fluffs. A jumbo curling iron will be suitable to achieve the idle waves in the photo. Then, simply use a wide toothed comb and allow your hair to rest wherever it may settle. This will act in according to the phrase "my hair has a mind of its own." If you really believe that, then; just let it do its own thing.
Kate joins the ranks of naturalness with her makeup. There is light foundation, bronzing/blush, light muted shadow, lashes, mascara, eyeliner, touched up brows and very neutral transparent lip tint. Wearing bright cherry red is a definite affirmative for Kate.