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Maggie Grace & Sarah Roemer

Maggie Grace - 02/19/2009

What Maggie Grace would look like with short hair Maggie Grace's fantastic hairstyle has been customized for her attractive facial features and one of them is high cheek bones. The hair on the top is brought back into a slight wave that lies upon the straighter sections of her hair. The rest of the hair is gathered up in the back. Now we know what Maggie would look like with short hair. We can see one thin stray tendril that escaped from the back to see how long she is keeping her hair today. The many blends of colors in her hair give a classy finish, when it is worn up. In fact, my vote would be for her to wear her hair like this permanently or have it clipped accordingly, as it flatters her tremendously.
Her makeup portrays a light foundation with slight bronzing, heavy eyeliner on upper and lower, mascara and neutral toned lip tint. To make Maggie's eyes appear larger and fuller, I would take away all of the dark eyeliner and dust her lids with a warm beige shadow, put on the lashes and mascara and pencil in her brows only above her brows. This will soften her appearance and help open up her eyes. Tip: When there are skinny brows that are set close to the eyes, the idea is to widen the appearance, not close them in; so never darken the brows or use dark eyeliner as it will only close in your eyes and although they will be pretty; they could look much larger and more attractive.
Sarah Roemer - 2/19/2009
Sarah Romer - Easy hairstyle for long hair
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Sarah Roemer's hair is created in long layers with blonde threads gracefully amassed throughout her hair. Her hairstyle begins with an easy centered form that allows the sides to plunge together in weaves of lazy curls. Using large jumbo hot rollers would project this type of curl or a large jumbo curling iron. Everything depends upon the texture of your hair and the products you use for your hairstyle. If you have thick hair, you can choose a lighter styling product instead of a thicker lotion that someone with thin hair would normally select. Her makeup is quite light and blended very well. There is heavy eyeliner especially on the upper lids and lashes and a touch of blush and luminescent lip tint. Sarah has lovely features and could wear her hair in any type of style and look eye-catching.