Keri Hilson's Short Haircut

Keri Hilson's short haircut with hair combed over her ear
Photo by PR Photos
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Keri Hilson's sweet expression is magnified by her smooth sailing short haircut. The back is cut into short layers designed around the base.
Although her hair is cut a little bit longer on the sides, it is combed over the ear on one side. The other side is connected with the large, bulky dip of hair that sweeps over from the top. A most unusual attraction is the tipped blonde ends in the front that give a good contrast with her dark hair.
Keri's eyes are wide and almond-shaped, so she can wear dark eyeliner successfully. In fact, it sort of tames them down while looking more attractive. Light mellow shadow, light brows, barely any warmth on her cheeks, and a neutral natural lip tint bring Keri into the green trend and to be admired because this is one trend we don't really want to be a trend.
Keri Hilson's smooth short hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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