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Rihanna & Keri Hilson

Rihanna - 02/07/2009

Rihanna's coal back hair condenses through a light tapering around her nape and her ears. Plenty of pop goes into the crown and top by the use of large rolled sections that are directed over the head. There are several ways you could accomplish this short hairstyle for yourself. One is to use conventional rollers and when dry back brush each section, smooth over the top and leave to allow the bulk. Another way is to use a medium to large curling iron, back brush slightly and smooth as mentioned above. Gel that is suitable for your hair texture can work miracles for your hairstyle when you shop around for the right product. For example, I haven't tried it myself, but Sebastian products have they call "thickefy foam" whose name tells the story. They also have "Portion 9" that they use for their hot tools. This would be good to use if you are going to use the curling iron for Rihanna's hairstyle. Shop around and experiment.
Rihanna's make up is a delicate delight and one of the reasons is because her skin texture appears to be flawless. Even a flawless skin, can be an illusion with the perfect foundation and blending. Bronzing is mixed with mere hints of blush, shades of white metallic, brownish taupe, warm coppery shadows are blended in with her dark eyeliner and lashes/mascara. Feathery light brows enhance her beautiful eyes, and complete her work of art with a neutral lip tint.
Keri Hilson - 02/07/2009

Keri Hilson's smooth short hairstyle Keri Hilson's sweet expression is magnified by her smooth sailing short haircut. The back is snipped into short layers designed around the base. Although her hair is clipped a little bit longer on the sides, it is combed over the ear on the one side. The other side is connected with the large bulky dip of hair that sweeps over from the top. A most unusual attraction is the tipped blonde ends in the front that give a good contrast with her dark hair.
Keri's eyes are wide and almond shaped so she can wear dark eyeliner successfully. In fact, it sort of tames them down, while looking more attractive. Light mellow shadow, light brows, barely any warmth on her cheeks and a neutral natural lip tint brings Keri into the green trend and to be admired because this is one trend, we don't really want to be a trend.