Marcy Rylan's Hair

Marcy Rylan wearing her hair long and wavy with foils
Photo by PR Photos
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Marcy Rylan is wearing her hair in long wavy coils with blocky shadows of dark brown patches in various spots.
Patches, shadows and foils can be very costly and time consuming when you decide to go for this trend. When you go to the salon, plan on spending 3-4 hours or in some cases all day, as the colorist maps out where all the different colors are to be laid out on your hair.
There are also blonde, brown and caramel stripes weaving throughout her hairstyle. The long bangs have been styled to go back imitating that of a pageboy, cuffing the rest of the layered hair. A good stylist will recommend the shampoos, conditioners and styling products you need for the texture of your hair.
back view of Marcy Rylan 's long hair
Photo by PR Photos
Marcy's make-up enhances her beauty with a fresh appeal with her light shadow, lashes, mascara and neutral rose lip tint that match her busy floral top.
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