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Olivia Wilde & Katie Holmes

Olivia Wilde - 01/21/2009

Olivia Wilde's dark chestnut hair begins with her angled part and is created in lush rolls of smooth curls that have been directed away from her face. Take your hair in small sections when you use a medium sized curling iron that will help bring the hair away from the face. She is also wearing the long bulky bangs that are so much of today. There is smoothness on the top, with the curl beginning around the eyebrow area. Not that many people can wear this type of design. My personal preference would be to see her hair chopped up into shorter layers with the ends flipped up around her head. I believe it would point more to the beauty of her eyes.
Olivia lends an air of neutrality with her light muted make up wearing a translucent foundation, heavy eyeliner on the lid, light willowed brows, light warm shadow, a caress of color on her cheeks and a neutral lip tint. Today's trend: Light, bright and natural.
Katie Holmes - 01/21/2009

Katie Holmes has evolved into a real sophisticate wearing her hair cropped short in a bob. She looks like she just got up from the stylist's chair. The cut rides up high in the back revealing her lovely neckline. The long smoothness of the hair comes over from the part, covering part of her eye and onto the side with a slight curve along her chin line. The graceful picture of her makeup are with subtle tones of shadows, light penciled brows, only a hint of color on her cheeks and the barest of bare lip tint.
Katie is a prime example of a young woman who has graduated from hip hop to a symphony. She has won the award of class. Tip: Anyone can be pretty and there are many beautiful celebrities too, but few classy ones. Earning class means keeping your hair in a modest but attractive cut like Katie, well groomed nails, natural make up, tasteful dress and then, following through by acting like the lady you want to be. Take a course on etiquette if you don't know how. People are always going to talk about you anyway; they may as well speak good.