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Jenna Fischer & Jennifer Morrison

Jenna Fischer - 01/25/2009

Jenna Fischer has golden brown hair with pinstriped blonde features running throughout the lengthy layers. Close to the scalp around the facial area you can see a reddish brown color that is probably used occasionally to touch her hair up. Two large plunged waves are styled around the cheeks give character to the rest of the hair that has a wind kept roll away from the face while resting below her shoulders. Her face is a lovely oval shape and she can wear any hairstyle, whether it is back away or up. When I look at the darker red sections around her face that make it appear much shorter I can see how cute she would look with a short clip. Stand back and look around her face and see if you can see this vision.
Jenna has a lovely translucent makeup on with eyeliner on both sections of her eyes, a light white/smoky grey shadow, mascara and a neutral lip color. She has small lips and outlines them with a medium lip color. Better to outline than to have silicon. Not all of us have Angelina Jolie's mouth.
She is wearing a dressy grey plunged neckline with a silver platinum necklace. The grey color is absolutely beautiful, however; I think with Jenna's hair color a rich deep teal or turquoise would have been outstanding.
Jennifer Morrison - 01/25/2009

Jennifer Morrison has light feathery layers that flip up with loose waves scattered around her hairstyle. The sandy blonde has thin blends of light brown for contrast. When styling for yourself, use gel and blow with your dryer, use a jumbo curling iron or large hot rollers to achieve the lazy appeal. Spritz with a little gloss.
A true naturalist, Jennifer has light translucent makeup, little pencil in her brows, blended shadows, eyeliner on both the upper and lower eyes, just a touch of blush and light medium pink lip tint.
She is wearing a tasteful strapless dress with a delicate fringe around the top that could almost double for a necklace. Her long dropped earrings stand out in her long hair.