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Sally Field & Emilie de Ravin

Sally Field - 01/19/2009
Sally Field - Hairstyle for mature ladies
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Can you believe Sally Field is 62? Well, she sure doesn't look it! She keeps her hair tinted in a medium brown that rests around her shoulders. This is a good length for more "mature" ladies, because they can still wear their hair up for dining or in a small ponytail when they want to jog. Today's 62 is really a 42! Sally has her hair clipped in layers and with a simple blow dry her hair is wisped over and falls into panels around her face. Small light bangs are given for the subtle light fringe she desires.
As long as I can remember, Sally has never worn heavy makeup. Sometimes, less is definitely better; especially when you mature. She is wearing very thin eyeliner, light warm tones and a light pink lip tint. Blue looks good on Sally, I would prefer to see it closer to her face and maybe some necklaces around her.
Emilie de Ravin - 01/18/2009
Emilie de Ravin - Hairstyle with the hair brushed back
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Emilie de Ravin wearing her hair up and fastened at the nape of her neck Emilie de Ravin has blends of natural blonde and browns developed in her hair that has been brushed back to be fastened around the nape of her neck. The top regards a crooked part with the choppy bangs stemming out thickly upon the temple. Our Australian actress has a peachy creamy skin with light tones of smoky shadows, smudged eyeliner on her lower eyes, eyeliner on the top, neutral flecks of brown pencil and pinky flesh toned lip tint. Her face is brushed lightly with touches of pink blush.
The light blue dress she is wearing definitely brings out her blue eyes because it is close up around the neck almost like a thick necklace. The small drop dark earrings with bands of white stones all give attention to her eyelashes. Looking pretty good there mate!