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Mary J. Blige & Ciara

Mary J. Blige - 01/07/2009
Mary J. Blige wearing her hair in a pixie Mary J. Blige's short hairstyle with blonde shades
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The excitement begins when we look at the coloring of Mary J. Blige's hair. There are basically three shades. The dark brown in the very bottom of the nape has also thin threads that have been weaved throughout the blonde. There is also a golden beige color that stands next to the lighter beige and is used as a bridge to bring all the colors into proportion with her short hairstyle. Her pixie is fluffed with short layers that stay close to her head and are framed around her face exposing her ears. Once you decided on this type of haircut, shop around for the best styling lotions and sprays that will work best for you and your hair. Simple blow drying with your hands and a few spritzs of spray will give you a hairstyle all day long. This short hair clip will go with anything Mary decides to wear and she will always look good and at least five lbs thinner. The large glasses and thick hoop leopard earrings all complement her camel colored jacket and black turtleneck shirt. Way to go Mary!
Ciara - 01/07/2009

Ciara with heavily foiled hair Ciara portrays to be a classic beauty with her high cheek bones and strong jaw line. Her hair is brought back into the timeless ponytail and left to hang in a smooth straight fall down her back. We will never know if her ponytail is a hairpiece or her own, one thing we do know; it sure looks good on her! For a little bit of pizzazz Ciara has her front hair heavily foiled with cinnamon browns and blondes that are worked into the naturally darker color. Good combos and contrast.
Ciara's eyes are built up with smoky browns and grey shadows with creases of a lighter color in the corner of her eyes. Smudges of eyeliner are lined in the lower lid to complete to the outer corner of her eyes. A flick of pencil in her brows, lots of bronzing and blush and barely there lip tint reflects her arty taste. One unusual large loopy earring gives a balancing act to the hair from the other side. Be like Ciara and why not give it a try! Even two different looking earrings can be a work of art.