Cheryl Burke's Shag Haircut

Cheryl Burke - Trendy collar length shag hairstyle
Photos by PR Photos
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Have you seen this lady dance? She can effortlessly move her body in angles that seem impossible. With this in mind, Cheryl Burke always keeps her hair cut rather short for professional purposes.
This lady has to see what she is doing when she dances. The closest her hair gets to her eyes is halfway down in a choppy tease, just above her irises. Whatever way she chooses to swing, hair will not hinder her sight.
Her hair is cut in a trendy shag, angled with a light fluffy fringe along the sides, and rides the collar in the back. There are caramel threads of hair to pop up her deep brown hair. Spritz a little bit of light styling lotion and blow dry your hair, and you are ready to dance yourself! No need to use the curling iron. Just a little bit of gloss for sheen.
Cheryl Burke
Photo by PR Photos
There are times when Cheryl wears heavy makeup when she is dancing; however, as pictured, she likes her eyeliner, smoky taupe shadows, slight bronzing, and very translucent lip tint.
Tip: Invest in good makeup brushes. Blending with your eyeliners and shadows will give you the natural image you desire.
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