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Zelda Williams & Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford - 12/18/2008

Michelle Stafford exhibits a rhapsody of shadows with her long strawberry brown/blonde hair. Her ends are a darker hue that matches her pieced bangs. Talk about contrast! When you step back and look at the photo there is a definite oblong frame to her hairstyle. Slanty textured ends have been clipped along the sides that peer toward each other under her chin line. The application of generous amounts of smoothing crème will help combat the frizzes.
There are so many lines of smoothing serum on the market today to choose from, one such name is Graham Webb named "Head Games Split Personality" happens to be of a duo concern. For example if you have curly hair, apply and allow to air dry. If you are looking to have the smooth effect that Michelle has, lightly apply dabs over your hair after it is dry. If you test it in the store and discover you like it, now is the chance to take advantage of Webb's clearance sale. From what I understand this product is on the discontinued list and you just might be able to get a deal if you hurry.
One last comment about Michelle. Her make up is light and because of the coloring of her hair, the neutrality of her lip tint and her black turtleneck we can easily see the pink tones in her face and the punch for her blue eyes!
Zelda Williams - 12/18/2008

Zelda Williams' flirty elfin chin captures our hearts. As if that were not enough, her exotic eyes that tilt upward match her amusing Mona Lisa smile. Her glossy brunette hair hangs in smooth straight panels of layers just tipping below her shoulders. Not too long, not too short. The length is just right when you would like to wear your hair into an upswing for dining and dancing or styled into the smooth coiffure we see in the photo. Topped with the party spirit of the infamous crooked part, Zelda is truly a knockout.
Her makeup is impeccable neutral and would bring an envy stare from any of the green movement out there today. Dark eyeliner, smoky shadows, a little bit of bronzing and blush that matches her orange coral lip tint. She is wearing a low cut black gown that could be decorated up a bit with a five strand jeweled necklace, maybe turquoise with matching earrings to bring out the finesse of our girl.