Masiela Lusha's Airy Hair

Masiela Lusha with a long airy hairstyle and wearing a silk blouse
Photos by PR Photos
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Masiela Lusha expresses her personality with her long silky baby blonde hair with an airy feel.
Her hairstyle begins at the center part and goes from there to a smooth downy that glides over to a dip. Then it sweeps into idle large rolls. Generous amounts of thermo gel should be spritzed before blow drying this hairstyle to accomplish the airy feel of the image.
Keeping up with the trendy natural appeal of today's make-up, Masiela is careful not to be too revealing with her colors. A smoky taupe shadow incases her eyelids and she applied a small amount of eyeliner. Both are pulled out into the outer corners of her eyes. There is the slightest pink on her milky white skin and a beautiful neutral pink coral lip tint blending everything together.
Masiela Lusha's long hair with an airy feel and shiny silk blouse
Photo by PR Photos
Her satiny silk blouse is a stunning cast of a popular orchid/mauve color that serves as a colorful pillar for her picture. Masiela's spring fresh wardrobe blossoms into completeness with her tiny post diamond earrings.
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