Winona Ryder's Short Haircut

Winona Ryder - Choppy short hairstyle for a long neckline
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Talented Winona Ryder is wearing her hair short in a cute texturized cut that is full of angled layers that bring her hair into few slight panels of poof in the crown.
There is plenty of winging out in the back in choppy plucks and straight slick bangs in the front that wind over to the sides. Ms Ryder's dark brown short hair displays her long neckline and sharp eyes.
Would I do anything differently to Winona? I'm glad you asked! Let's put some bronzing on her face and thicken her brows just a smidgen with a brow brush to soften up the eyes.
I think I'd chop up the bangs a bit more and put more of a bounce into them, in this way they would lighten up the facial structures. I would put color on Winona, as what she is wearing washes her out and doesn't give the needed contrast she should have.
By now, you have discovered that I am a green lover. Well, this is true because the color green is also a neutral color. You don't have to go beige, grey or black to be neutral but choose a shade of green instead. Green will go with anything! Just look outside, nature explains the whole thing.
With this in mind I'd choose a mossy green for Winona that goes up closer to her face and possibly a perdoit necklace and matching earrings. Can you capture this in your mind?
Photo by PR Photos