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Kelly Packard & Eliza Dushku

Kelly Packard - 11/17/2008
Kelly Packard's long and layered blonde hair
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Kelly Packard has beautiful hazel greenish eyes that probably turn different colors when she puts on certain colors like green, as we can see specks of greenish turquoise and gold from the blue she is wearing. Wouldn't that be fun to have chameleon type eyes that change colors! Her light blonde long hair is worn in a chic layered design and blown dry for the smoothness that we see in the photo.
For a more bulky smoothness, use your flat iron and smoothing serum to tighten up the ends and close the cuticles. Gloss should always be lightly spritzed unless you have exceptionally oily hair and if you happen to have the oily hair you are more fortunate than you think, as all you have to do is to brush well before you use the flat iron bringing the oil from the head out to the ends. Your own manufactured oil is protecting your ends!
Eliza Dushku - 11/18/2008
Eliza Dushku - Long layered hairstyle that frames the face
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A rainbow of browns and blonde threads of hair are weaved throughout Eliza Dushku's long smoothly layered hairstyle. Lazy curves of hair have been carefully positioned to luxuriously frame her most attractive oval face. The use of a large curling iron to smooth out the hair as you go or a flat iron would both work well.
Eliza's spellbinding eyes are one of her best assets and a breathtakingly picture for anyone to see. They say the eyes are the window of the soul and with Eliza's we can see a world of confidence and kindness too. No wonder she is so beautiful! Her olive skin goes very well with the trendy neutral grey she is wearing. Completely fetching to say the least!