Caterina Murino's Curls

Caterina Murino - Medium length hairstyle with curls
Photo by PR Photos
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When I think of Italian actresses I think of pasta, anchovies, pizza and plenty of red wine to wash it down with! Everything becomes festive with music with a party atmosphere. Why not celebrate life!
Caterina Murino blasts us with an extraordinary smile as she celebrates her heritage with plenty of large round rolling curls in her hair that flower around her face. Her medium length hair is packed in long layers with twists of total elegance and it makes Caterina a mixture of sophistication. A medium sized curling iron was used all around her head with the curls allowed to drop where they may.
Plenty of shimmering eye make-up is the focal point of her make-up with the rest of the hues in a natural form. Light bronzing and a neutral lip color go well at hand with her light silver necklace and earrings. The rusty brown dress brings out her olive skin tones. Good choice!
Caterina Murino wearing her hair styled into round rolling curls
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: if you have a little age on you, stick with the muted shadows, because the glossy ones will show every single wrinkle you've earned.
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