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Gillian Jacobs & Heather Burns

Gillian Jacobs - 09/24/2008

Gillian Jacobs with her hair brushed back and styled up Gillian Jacobs glows with a lighthearted effervescent smile. Her hair has been highlighted in warm browns, gold and blonde and brushed back and styled up with a gallimaufry of wiry curls running inside and outside of each other forming an oblong knot which could very well be a hairpiece given the difference in color. The top goes back in riffles of light waves leaving only a few thin tendrils around the face.
Roll all your hair going back and also in a various assortment of directions in the back. When dry, brush out and back brush lightly forming the curls in the disarray in the back placing the pins in the center to stabilize your style and where needed while you spray.
Heather Burns - 09/24/2008
Heather Burns - Brown hair to bring pink tones to the face
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Heather Burns has a look of knowing more about the whole situation than anyone else and her face could say, "ok, just this time; after that I'm outta here!" and, to think she is wearing her hair something similar to an old movie star: Lauren Bacall. Lauren's hair was mostly all one length though. Bring those angled sides and top down to the rest of her hair and she would have it completely!
Her warm light brown hair brings pink tones to Heather's face color. Wash, blow dry and use your curling iron after you comb in the side panel, paying special attention to the ends. Spritz the ends for staying power.