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Debby Ryan & Sarah Chalke

Debby Ryan - 09/13/2008

Side view and back view of Debby Ryan's long hair Debby Ryan has long straight gliding layers filled with a variety of appealing shades of blonde and browns. Transparently pieced bangs are on one side while the heavier sections rest along with the heaviest side in the fall of the long hair. The straightening power of thermo styling gel for straight hair cannot be exaggerated to accomplish this type of desired smoothness. A flat iron will bring the final accompli along with smoothing crème to close up the hair cuticles.
The multi chain of necklaces brings a good flicker to Debby's lengthy hair with the empire waist dress along with the black camisole, as they all mesh together. The rose color of the dress is also an excellent choice, as it isn't too bright, yet very outgoing and soft at the same time. Good to go Deb!
Sarah Chalke - 09/13/2008

Sarah Chalke with brushed up hair The first thing we notice about Sarah Chalke are her stunning eyes, they are completely fetching with her multi faceted blonde hair back combed, brushed up and away from her face. With the exception of a few medium sized tendrils hanging around her frame, we are mesmerized by her spellbinding eye appeal. When hair is brought back away from the face like Sarah's is, and the eyes are especially customized to bring the best and this is what you get!
Think about it for just a moment, the hair is brought completely away from the face, except the tendrils and there are jeweled earrings on her ears that promote the beauty of her eyes. She is wearing a navy colored dress that enhances the lighter blue in her eyes. Her eyes have light and dark shadow, heavy eyeliner; fill in brows, mascara, subtle pink hues on her cheeks and pink lip tint. Sarah's look is smart, stylish and sexy! Remember, when the hair is up and away from the face, your eyes will stand out more!