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Poppy Montgomery & Elyse Walker

Poppy Montgomery - 09/13/2008
Poppy Montgomery's hair with flamboyant hair colors Poppy Montgomery's long hairstyle with layers
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Poppy Montgomery displays flamboyant haircolors of golden reds, creamy blonde and touches of warm brown. The end results are totally captivating and a complete scene stealer in everyone's eyes. A central division along the top of her long hair transcends into long layers that have been blown dry. The use of a flat or large curling iron in medium sections can obtain this desired medium of curl when thermo styling is generously applied and dressed with a smoothing crème for the distinct lines that we see in the photo.
Plenty of gloss is also needed to protect this colorful image and for the shine desired that goes so well with the transparent tones of the make up Poppy has chosen to wear. Brown eyes are played up with a darker eye liner and a lighter shadow, bronzing gives hints of a healthy tan and is complimented by a muted lip tint that promotes Poppy's healthy glow.
Elyse Walker - 09/13/2008
Elyse Walker with long and shiny mahogany red hair Elyse Walker wearing a shiny purple blouse
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A blanket of deep red mahogany covers Elyse Walker's hair that has been designed in long layers and curled in lazy cylinders that have been arranged in singled sections that lie just below her shoulders. The bangs have been introduced into a large smooth span, which takes control half way over one of the eyes. The color combo of the shiny pinkish purple blouse next to her red hair work well with her brown eyes and the warm bronzing in her skin tones. A little bit of eye liner, bluish shadow and a faint lip tint places Elyse's image into one of the top natural beauties to have such a striking impression.
Shadow Tip: try this for yourself, if you desire to have more a natural appearance when you apply make-up: begin to think blending when you put your shadows on your lids. If you use a light shadow for the eye lid and a darker one in the crease of your eye lid, take your brush and begin to blend the two together; until the color looks like you were born with it. Your brush is everything, so make sure you purchase the best eye shadow brush you can afford and treat your face like a canvas.