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Diane Neal & Amanda Baker

Diane Neal - 09/10/2008

Diane Neal - Hairstyle with angling along the sides and a Grace Kelly look Lightly snipped bangs give an edge to Diane Neal's attractiveness with the organic appearance of her dark warm blonde colored hair! A little bit of angling along her sides and around the ends blend easily together with the delicate form of her soft waves.
Take a look closer around the eyes of Ms. Neal and see if she doesn't look like the late Princess of Morocco, Grace Kelly, herself! To give her even more of a Princess appeal I would put her hair up into a twist to display her eyes and high cheek bones. The fine example of her neutral lip tint balances her overall image.
Amanda Baker - 09/12/2008
Picture of Amanda Baker hair with a healthy gloss
Amanda Baker's golden beige hair color illuminates in her long layered cut that begins with an off centered section with panels of winding curls that fall around and below her shoulders. Singled threads of hair have been purposely smoothed to give the look of a healthy gloss around the hairstyle. There are different ways Amanda could dress up her hairstyle if she chose and one of the ways would be to wear a thin sage green scarf around her head and tied upon the side.
The color green would take away any chances of brassiness upon her haircolor and actually bring out the blue in her eyes. With the dressy gown she is wearing, I would style Amanda's hair into an upswing with all of the large dippy waves and tendrils that would befit her image. I would also place a large multi-strand bold necklace with light colored stones in silver around her neck. Silver oval earrings and an expandable bracelet would be a total look to die for!