Mary Elizabeth Ellis' Hair

Mary Elizabeth Ellis short haircut that is way above the collar
Photo by PR Photos
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Mary Elizabeth Ellis' winsome short haircut is clipped a ways above her collar and rests just below her ears in frivolous dips of layers and could very well be the product of a body wave.
The multi triads of browns and blonde colors keep Mary's hair bright and fashionable while blending together with the pink tones of her skin and big blue eyes. Bangs that lie with a slight curve over her brows relay the trendiness of today's image.
Take note how the color of the brows goes well with the color of her hair. Mary is wearing eyeliner on both the upper and lower sections of her eyes, a bit of mascara, neutral lip gloss and just a fog of color upon her cheeks. This is today's look: natural, organic and healthy! Let's all go green!