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Meg Ryan & Debra Messing

Meg Ryan - 09/04/2008

Meg Ryan with hair length touching the shoulders Our talented Meg Ryan is one of those youthful gals who will never really grow up. She has learned the secret in life to forever think young and it obviously shows on her face. What a doll! We can see that Meg's hair length touches her shoulders with created tones of blondes and browns running throughout her multiple layers. Yes this could be a permanent with the simple use of a coiling iron may have done the trick.
Consider a perm after you decide upon this haircut unless you can wind your hair around the coiling iron by yourself. If you find that this is too hard, get the spiral permanent to do the job however you may have to touch it up with an iron from time to time. My personal preference for Meg is shorter hair. The longest I'd like to see her hair would be even with her chin. She wears short hair so well, but can still wear her longer style.
Debra Messing - 09/04/2008

Debra Messing with her hair styled up We wouldn't know our celebrity without her red hair. She looks stunning with the color as her eyes positively glow. This is a good example of what happens when you get the right color on your hair, the overall effect can be captivating and bring out your best assets. Debra Messing's hair is brushed back into messy shakes of back combed piles that eventually find themselves into a possible French twist. Ends are purposely led astray matching the wires of tendrils along her face. Her subtle pinkish skin tones coordinate well with her cheeks and lips. Debra pays special attention to her most valuable asset and that is her eyes.
The special mixture of red tint has been customized only for her and the taupe/blackish color that lines her eyes are all additions to her beauty. When you decide to have your hair colored, try on a few wigs first. Ask friends about the color you are thinking about and most important; see what your professional says about your idea. If they care about this lengthy service, they will speak the truth and tell you what they see on you. If you see yourself as a blonde, but would look better as a redhead, it might be wise to reconsider your choice. Many times what we'd like to have will not look good on us; this is why it is important to always seek counseling first.