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Anne Hathaway & Shannen Doherty

Anne Hathaway - 09/03/2008

Anne Hathaway just got out of bed and forgot to comb her hair! She is right in the trend as, this is the look for today. This is a tussled and tumbled appearance of taking your hands and messing your coif up, spraying a little bit under the hairshaft and then, catching the train for work. Long layers travel from the higher sectioning in the crown and tip the edge of her shoulders. The tool of a large coiling iron makes for the idle dips we see along her sides that are measured around her neck. Strawberry golden slices around her face give the reflection of the sunny rays that flow in from the window.
Being fair complexioned, Anne is another reformer of transparent make up. Everything appears to be barely there, with the exception of her eye liner and neutral lip tint. The art of painting heavy make up upon the canvas of your face is truly an art when given the illusion that, it is simply no muss and no fuss! It is almost like carrying only lipstick in your purse. What a dream world! I know women who carrying small suitcases of make up to keep up appearances.
Shannen Doherty - 29/04/2008
Shannen Doherty's long hair with layers Shannen Doherty wearing a silk red dress
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Shannen Doherty likes to keep her hair in long layers and quite dark and I have to say it looks really good with her silk red dress. Silk is ultra light to wear, but at the same time can be a bit hot at times. The contrast between Shannen's light complexion and dark brunette hair speaks volumes with her heavily lined light bluish turquoise eyes and light touch of color on her lips.
If she really wanted to look different and stand completely out from the crowd, this is what I would do with Shannen's hair. Bring it all back with the exception of a few pixie type bangs. Braid the lower section in the back around to hug the nape and intertwine them around each other with a few Aztec beads. She has a good round crown and could wear this successfully. Perhaps leave a few slight tendrils along the sides to match the bangs and with the same dress and add some Aztec earrings, necklace and maybe even a bracelet. All of this would definitely set Shannen's style apart from her peers.