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Cari Dee English & Kelly Brook

Cari Dee English - 09/03/2008
Cari Dee English - Hairstyle with cascading waves Cari Dee English wearing her hair styled to one side
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Cari Dee English has beautiful hair. Long silky platinum hair that has been gathered up in the back and secured over to the one side with satin coiled waves cascading like a delicate waterfall places a sophistication of elegance on Cari. Note how smooth and cultured her hair lies even through the waves. My preference would be for her to have all of her hair up; however either way we know; she would look good.
The darker eye shadow lends an air of mystery to her face and brings her eyes into an upward tilt. The natural flesh toned lip color gives the influential touch needed to go with her light suntan and brown evening dress. I like the butterfly!
Kelly Brook - 09/03/2008

Kelly Brook's hair with long bubbly curls The sparkle in Kelly's face matches her red hair and the glitter of her silver evening gown. What a match! I've heard it once said that when a client wears the warmer hair tones, they seem to be more warm hearted and loving, whereas the cooler colors seem to begat the cooler hearts. I remember hearing this taught. You'll just have to be the judge.
Kelly Brook has this sexy hair that is alive and moves with long bubbly curls that flow below her shoulders in an effervescing stream of cascades. If you desire long hair and would like healthy hair like Kelly's use plenty of moisturizing conditioners and shampoos and have regular hair trims every six weeks. Warm rich reds and golden blondes become a galaxy of enchantment when the hair is kept up like Kelly's. It just doesn't get much better than this!