Lindsay Sloane's Bob

Lindsay Sloane with her hair in a bob with a shorter nape
Photo by PR Photos
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With an attractive pouf on the lower sections of the bob, Lindsay Sloane is wearing her finely-tuned hair a bit shorter in the back around the nape and gradually lengthening along the sides.
The bangs create a delightful fringe that lies over Lindsay's brows. Shades of dark and light browns help add strength and texture to the pouf when gel is applied and blown dry.
A little spritz of gloss not only makes your hair shine but also puts a glow in your eyes. Notice the harmonious glow in Lindsay's eyes and on her hair. Mascara, eyeliner, natural peach-toned lip tint, a touch of shadow, and just a hint of blush portray a natural image.
A bob haircut can work wonders, and from this first step, you can gradually work on other aspects of yourself that need improvement, finding it much easier because of the great foundation you just created.
Lindsay Sloane's bob with a shorter back
Photo by PR Photos
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