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Lindsay Sloane & Lucy Lawless

Lindsay Sloane - 07/23/2008

With an attractive poof on the lower sections of the bob, Lindsay Sloane is wearing her finely tuned clip a bit shorter in the back around the nape and graduating in length along the sides. The bangs promote a delightful statement of fringe that lies over Lindsay's brows. Shades of dark and light browns help gather strength and give texture to the poof when gel is applied and blown dry.
A little spritz of gloss doesn't only make your hair shine but puts a glow in your eyes as well. Note the harmonious glow in Lindsay's eyes and on her hair. Mascara, eyeliner, natural peach toned lip tint, touch of shadow and only a hint of blush portrays a natural image. A haircut can work wonders and from this first step you can gradually work on the other things about yourself that need improving and you'll find it that much easier because of great foundation you just created.
Lucy Lawless - 07/24/2008

Lucy Lawless - Casual long below the shoulders hairstyle Lucy Lawless has long warm brown layers that have a few skinny threads of blonde crafted throughout the hair along with the strips of darker brown. The overall color is a light warmer tone. A delightfully casual hairstyle, we can see the simple side part that has been combed above the face and then, dips along the temple and taking up residence along side of the one eye and mingling in along the rest of the hair.
A few lazy idyllic waves are the silent majority that lies below her shoulders. Just a little bit of sheer make up and flesh colored lip tint, and a stroke of color on the cheeks and this girl is ready to go to the races or ride on the back of your bike. No fuss and no muss, now; take me to get my hamburger!