Lindsay Sloane Hairstyles

Lindsay Sloane is an American actress, born on August 8th, 1977. Among her roles were parts in Over Her Dead Body and in The Accidental Husband.
  • Lindsay Sloane with a simple long hairstyle
  • hairstyle with long festive curls
  • Lindsay Sloane

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Lindsay's style is very feminine and she exudes a certain intensity that leaves a lasting impression. It's part charisma and part comes from her huge brown eyes. She is most seen with over the shoulder length haircuts that are parted in the center and cut in long, sleek layers.
A variation on her straight look was very natural waves and side swept bangs. A great and more mature look for Lindsay is a classic chin length bob with full bangs that are cut at the level of her eyebrows and take all of the attention to her pretty eyes.
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