Zoe McLellan's Short Haircut

Zoe McLellan - Crazy short hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Zoe McLellan takes off the limit with her wild and crazy short hairstyle! Perpetual choppy clips are jagged throughout this short layered haircut with the thicker chunkiness close to the scalp and the thinner texted sections on the ends. The lower section in the back is the more concise area and is worked up to the lengthier areas we see spiking.
Sparsely cut hair lies splayed over part of the ears, while we see the crown in an untamed disarray of assorted jags. The bangs area has been styled back to have a party with the rest of the swingers on the top. Is this too cool or what!
Zoe has peachy tones to her make-up and when we look closer we can see that everything harmonizes with this color: the lip tint, the brown shadow, mascara and the small light smudges under the lower lashes. Take a look at Zoe's smile, it is connected to her eyes and lightens up her whole face!