Michelle Monaghan's Hair

Michelle Monaghan with a smooth straight hairstyle
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Michelle Monaghan wears rich brunette hair with slightly lighter lines weaved in her hair. Remember Betty and Veronica in Archie comic books? Well, Michelle has Veronica's hairstyle: smooth, straight and just below her shoulders.
The bangs are heavy and when combed down would fall over her brows. Thermo styling lotion can be used when you blow dry and a heavy smoothing serum to achieve this finished hairstyle.
Eyeliner is applied on both the top and bottom eyelids with concealer in the corners of her eyes. The brows have been darkened a bit and there is a light shadow upon the lids. Just a touch of light blush and a neutral pink lip tone accommodates the final touch of mascara on the lashes. Let's face it girls, most celebrities wear extended lashes or fake lashes, but this is something we can be hush hush about. I won't tell if you won't.
Wearing a marvelous black evening dress, Michelle is most assured of woof whistles and flattering compliments coming in her way.
Photo by PR Photos