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Famke Janssen & Diane Kruger

Famke Janssen - 04/20/2008

Famke Janssen - Shoulder length bob cut The New York premiere of "Turn the River" on April 20th was a chance for Famke Janssen to show off her new hairstyle. As one of Hollywood's hottest actresses, Famke is usually thought of as a redhead, thanks to her portrayals of Jean Grey in the X-Men films. But the Netherlands-born actress is a natural brunette and is seen here with her ebony locks literally shining with rich undertones and subtle highlights.
The shoulder length bob cut, with its off-center part and side-swept fringe is textured at the ends and styled to form a flattering inward curve. The style frames the face and softens the angular features that might otherwise appear severe.
Diane Kruger - 04/21/2008

Diane Kruger with short hair Diane Kruger is always a stunning woman, and the April 21st opening night of "La Fille Du Regiment" was no exception. The classic lines of her square face are softened by the classic styling of her chin-length bob. The hair is parted off-center, and the dominant side is styled in a classic finger-wave, creating soft rippling swells in the hair and a delicate, inward upturn on the ends.
The waves on the passive side are present but obscured as the hair is tucked demurely behind the left ear for an asymmetrical effect. The rich golden color appears completely natural and is the perfect canvas for the hair's wave and style. The overall look is one of classic Hollywood glamour, and is easily at home in a daytime, or nighttime event.