Gemma Atkinson's Hair

Gemma Atkinson with her bleached hair cut a tad up from her shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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Gemma Atkinson is a British actress and top model, her visage gracing the covers of many successful magazines in the UK.
Her hair is cut just above her shoulders, adorned with layers that add volume and a hint of bounce. It's evident that the outer layer of her hair shaft appears slightly drier and straighter compared to the layers beneath. This is attributed to exposure to various elements like sun, wind, and pollution, which affect the hair's texture and moisture levels. The lower layers benefit from protection provided by the hair on top.
There's a high likelihood that Gemma employs bleach to achieve her light platinum blonde hue. Upon closer inspection, subtle slices of a darker blonde are discernible, adding depth and contrast. Gemma's complexion complements this shade of blonde beautifully. Regular application of heavy moisturizers is key to combating frizz and dryness, ensuring her locks maintain their luster.
Gemma Atkinson with blonde hair styled for volume
Photo by PR Photos
Gemma Atkinson with layered above the shoulders hair
Photo by PR Photos
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