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Christina Parodi & Claire Danes

Valentino Garavani Designer Exhibition 07/06/2006
Cristina Parodi wearing her hair long and straightened Cristina Parodi wearing a coral color satin dress
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       Cristina Parodi is a busy Italian journalist and was born in 1964. Her photograph looks like she might be wearing a satin dress and the bright coral color compliments her olive skin tones.
       We can easily see that she likes to wear her long hair sectioned on the side and straightened with a smooth flattened appeal. If I had my way, I would style her lovely hair into an updo with sprigs and fans of hair that would willow about, in the crown of her head. There would be two irregular thin, straight wisps that would hang along side of her face. One would be higher and closer to her temples and the other one would be close to her ears. The top would have a small poof, just for fun and there would also be thin rounded bangs that would fall in the middle of her eyebrows. At last, I would put some pretty silver droplet earrings to show off her face. Then, I'd take of picture and put it in my before and after book. Can you envision this too?

Claire Danes - Hairstyle with curls that touch the shoulders        Do you remember Claire Danes in My So Called Life in 1994? She received a Golden Globe Award and a Emmy nomination on the television series, playing Angela Chase.
       Hollywood likes long necks, have you ever noticed that? Most of the beauties that are hired have these awesome swan necks. Short necks on men (ex. William Shatner) do not seem to matter, but they do on women. Therefore, if you have a long neck, you might be able to get a job in Hollywood.
       Claire keeps her hair in long lengths with gentle curls that touch her shoulders. Her hair is a coveted baby blonde that most people would mortgage the farm and sell their car for. Her natural color comes close to a light ash blonde and this makes it very easy to bring up her hair to the baby blonde she is wearing today. Notice how healthy it looks with just a minimal amount of dryness. It's all about the conditioning process, that is so needed today.