Perrey Reeves' Hair

Perry Reeves with shoulder length hair that flips up
Photo by PR Photos
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Perrey Reeves' hairstyle has an off centered part while her hair hangs smoothly down and flips up on her shoulders. I have seen our celebrity with her hair up and she looks knock down drag out great!
Picture this if you can, from her part, let's brush all of her hair over to one side and fasten with a hair clasp. Now, we lift up a few strands from underneath to allow to hang down, over the hair we've just pinned up. There is a small strand in front and another one along one of the sides.
Meanwhile, we have her pouf in the crown and a shiny effect of hair that has been wrapped around her head. So totally different and so unique! Perry, this is so you!
Dress and hair for a Perry Reeves look
Photo by PR Photos
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