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Kate Beckinsale & Missy Peregym

Live Free or Die Hard Movie Premiere - 06/22/2007

Kate Beckinsale with her brown hair in a ponytail        London born actress Kate Beckinsale has done stage, films and television. She even played Ava Gardner in The Aviator in the year 2004. I didn't see the movie, but wish I had.
       Kate keeps a red on her hair from time to time, but here we are seeing her in her natural color frame of brunette. Her hair gives the impression of being thick, so when she has the ponytail she is wearing, she has to make sure it is going to stay up where she wants it and not begin to drop from the weight of her hair. Everyone should have this problem, right? For a little bit of pouf on the top of her head, there was a small back brushing and then a light going over the top layer to smooth it over and allow the rest to give the desired height. If you also look a little bit closer, you will see a few light pale blonde slices throughout her hair, all in the name of versatility. We can easily see how her ponytail has been dressed up with the lovely silver earrings and how well they go with her black dress. All in all, that is a refreshing look!
Nellie Furtado Afterparty - 06/23/2007
Missy Peregym wearing her thick hair straight Very smooth and shiny hair - Missy Peregym
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       Missy Peregym has straight smooth hair that has been fashioned in a shag design. She has such wonderfully thick hair and the texture is outstanding, if you look, you will be able to see many of the sections laying upon each other as planned. Smoothing serum is good to use for this type of look, after you get done using your flat iron, This doesn't mean your hair will look exactly like Ms. Peregym's, but with some help with the products out there, you could come into a mean second place. Never underestimate the power of hair products. Another thing you could do is get a very light body wave, to just put body in your hair, if that is what you are lacking. Then, use the flat iron and see what happens. Write home and tell us all about it!