Mischa Barton's Hair

Mischa Barton wearing her hair long with curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Mischa Barton is a lovely British actress and model. Her first appearance on television was on All My Children.
Our celebrity keeps her long hair sectioned in the middle, in descending coils past her shoulders. Her hair color is close to a warm soft beige and we can see how this flatters her baby doll features in her face.
The curls were placed with a medium sized curling iron and a wide tooth comb used to bring about the messy coils that are so coveted today. She almost looks like a fluffy flower as her hair frames her high cheekbones and oval shaped face.
Together, with the combination of her hair and the lightness of her make-up it lends a pleasing picture for all her peers.
Mischa Barton - Long hairstyle for high cheekbones
Photo by PR Photos
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