Melody Thomas Scott Hair

Melody Thomas Scott wearing her hair short with layers
Photo by PR Photos
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Ever watched Melody Thomas Scott portray Nikki on The Young and the Restless? Nikki seems to attract trouble like a magnet on that soap; it's one adventure after another.
Normally, Melody has sported long, blonde locks. However, here we see her with short, layered hair. It appears to have a brownish hue at the back with thin slices of brown interspersed throughout her blonde hair.
Her hair is styled in smooth wisps, irregularly flipped up where her hair desires. The top cascades to the side in a carefree manner, adding character to her style, with a small portion falling delicately upon her forehead - what some may call bangs.
This style allows Melody to showcase her lovely earrings, which are an essential consideration when contemplating a new hairstyle. Consider all those earrings you want to flaunt and ensure there's ample room for them with your new haircut. The perfect haircut will set the stage for your earrings, and together, they'll complement each other beautifully.