Laura Bell Bundy's Updo

Laura Bell Bundy - Country music inspired updo
Photo by PR Photos
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Country music celebrity Laura Bell Bundy plays on broadway, television and film. Her complimentary golden blonde color appears to be her overall tone and is quite engaging with her hair in an updo with lazy sections overlaying one another.
Her bangs are divided in four portions with the largest sector across her forehead. Another strand lays alone reaching to meet the first one and the other two hang with the bounce of a wave, moving under a tendril along her sides.
This attractive updo is a party waiting to happen; especially when it is carrying Laura's irresistible smile. Every lazed curl is in place, yet this hairstyle is more abstract then uniform. Her top has the possibility of being a hairpiece combed into the style.
Her hair is fastened into a hair clasp and then placed over each other, or she has the hairpiece. Either way, try it out and see if it works for you. Looks like a fun style to me!