Laura Bell Bundy Hairstyles

Laura Bell Bundy is an American actress and singer, born April 10th, 1981.
  • Laura Bell Bundy
  • Laura Bell Bundy with short hair
  • Laura Bell sporting a loose up-style

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Laura delights audiences on Broadway, at country music concerts and on the screen. The multitalented star has done quite a few things with her long blonde hair. She can look like the pretty cheerleader next door with her hair parted in the center and with gently curved layers. Add a bunch of well defined curls to this, tease the top, smooth it back and you have the glamour look of the perfect baroque opulence that has a sturdy stronghold in Nashville and the country music world.
Laura switches between sleek hairstyles and curly ones, mostly they are on the uncomplicated and casual side, but this natural girl really knows how to dress up and have the right look for every occasion. The color is a frosted blonde with a golden touch every now and then. Very cute on Laura are slightly tousled updos.
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