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Lorielle New & Phoebe Price

Punk's Not Dead Documentary Premiere - 05/30/2007
Lorielle New wearing her hair up in a topknot Lorielle New - Self do hairstyle for long hair
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       Actress Lorielle New has been busy playing in a series of movies nonstop. She is wearing her long hair up and into a topknot that is splayed around in her crown. Her hair color is a golden strawberry blonde with other pale blonde and caramel streaks that bring a natural looking touch to her image. This hairstyle is a self do, if this appeals to you. Brush all of your hair up and secure in a hair band, bring the top underneath the hair band while making a hole to bring it through. The hair will go through the hole and under the hair band and finally making an opening above the band, bring it all out. Remember, turn the hair under the band, digging a tunnel under and going upward behind the hair band. This is so simple, once you get it, you will never stop using this method.
Phoebe Price - Long red hairstyle with layers Long flaming red hair - Phoebe Price
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       When I look at Phoebe Price I want to sing "Witchy Woman, Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips." We know our girl Phoebe doesn't have raven hair but flaming red hair. She has that seductive, yet mischievous look, doesn't she. Her hair has been fashioned in long layers all the way down her backside, and if she curled it, it would look like the popular gypsy cut. She has an off centered part with a smooth rounded appearance. This hairstyle is high maintenance with the use of either large hot rollers, regular rollers or a large curling iron. Are you up to this task before you go out of your home?