Staci Flood's Hair

Staci Flood's very long hairstyle
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Staci Flood dances with her very long and straight black hair and she can get away with it, because of her youth. Her whole appearance brings the effect of a Latin descent, with her skin color and brown eyes.
With such length, there are several styles our celebrity can do to look different and still keep her long hair. One such way is for her to braid her hair in the back, then twine it around at the base of her neck, holding it in place with large hairpins. For a variation, she could braid a colored ribbon or beads into her braid for decoration.
Another way, would be to center part the hair, then section the top and sides into about three sections to braid. Braid the crown into three braids and the lower area into three braids. Bring every braid back into the crown area and place into light ties and light knots and fasten with large pins. Just luscious!
Staci Flood with very long back hair
Photo by PR Photos
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