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Jessica Alba & Mandy Moore Hairstyles

Nickelodeon's 20th Annual Kid's Choice Award - 03/31/2007

       Candy couldn't be any sweeter than the smile we are looking at, on our celebrity girl Jessica Alba. She appears to have naturally wavy hair, however this could also be an inside job of a body permanent, or curling irons may have been her tools, or both. Her color is a variety of browns and caramels and has a few slithers on the ends, for the sake of the trend today. Put a straw hat on this lady and she might be ready to go out and feed the chickens and slop the hogs. This doesn't take anything away from her, but rather adds to the ray of sunshine that is so apparent on her countenance.

       Mandy Moore's hair has been created in long layers and straightened with a flat iron and a smoothing crème applied afterwards. She is wearing an off centered part with colors of browns, caramels and blondes to produce the warm color that goes so well with the yellow frock she is wearing.
       Just for curiosity's sake, let's picture her with a chin length blunt cut. Look closely, can you see it on her? Do you think it would bring out the length of her lovely neck and make her look younger? I do. If a simple haircut does all this, perhaps we all need to go and get that seasonal shaping that is long over do.