Ines Sastre

Ines Sastre wearing her brunette hair up
Photo by PR Photos
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Ines Sastre is one of those celebrities who has a natural beauty many women only dream about. In fact, she won the natural beauty trophy in Paris in 1997.
For those of us who decide to dash out without make up we discover the shocking reality of our friends not recognizing us when we run into them. Then again, if they do recognize us with or without; does this mean our make up isn't doing its job, or are we looking like we are leading double lives. Enquiring minds would love to know that one.
On to lovely Inez's medium dark brunette hair. Look for just a moment and notice the shine in the second picture. She is a ray of health. and is embraced by the earth toned brown and white sundress. A good choice for this natural gal.
Ines Sastre with a ponytail upstyle
Photo by PR Photos
This is a simple style to copy for your own. You begin with your clean dry hair and section off the bangs with a clip. Brush the rest of the hair gathering in the upper back for a ponytail and secure tightly with a hair band. Smooth over with a gloss for sheen.
If you do not have the length for a ponytail as long as our celebrity; you can purchase a clip on one that will easily attach to your band and cover what sprig you have. Take the bang from your part and smooth out across part of your forehead and spray slightly. Remember, you want to look natural.