Hugh Jackman Hair

Hugh Jackman with long hair
Hugh Jackman - Photo by PR Photos
We've seen Hugh Jackman with everything from the ultra-masculine, clean cut style of his character "Leo" in "Kate & Leopold", to the back-swept neo-pompadour style of "X-Men's" "Wolverine". Here we see Jackman with shoulder-length tresses (most likely from his days filming "Van Helsing").
The long hair style with layers at the front of the head is appropriate for many different hair types and wave patterns except for those that are extremely curly. It will also work for men with a variety of face shapes, except those with rounder features or heavy, jowly faces.
The Cut: If the hair is sufficiently long to create this look, you should dampen the hair and section it in a seven-section parting. Comb down a 1/2 inch perimeter around the entire hairline. Cut a guide length in the front center to determine the fringe length.
Create the cut by combing the hair forward from each side to the front of the face and holding the hair at a gentle 45-degree elevation. Once the layers have been created to frame the face, move to the back of the head and cut a guide length at the back of the head.
Work from center to side on each side of the head to cut the bottom hairline to the desired length. Lower the sectioned hair in half-measures and cut the back sections to the guide length.
Lower the forward half of the top and side sections and comb those forward to be cut along the front guide lengths. The back halves of the top and sides as well as the crown section should be lowered and cut according to the bottom guide length. If desired, use a steep, point cutting or slithering technique to add some texturing to the long style.
The Style: After shampooing and conditioning, the hair should be sprayed with leave-in conditioner and smoothing product. At this point, you should use your blow-dryer and dry the hair using a large, flat brush. Dry the hair completely and after you're done, make sure to follow up with a flat iron to give the hair a smooth finish if needed.
If you have any trouble with fly-away hairs, use a small amount of smoothing serum spread through the palms and glide your hands through the hair to give a sleek finish.
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