Hugh Grant Hair

Hugh Grant hair
Hugh Grant - Photos by Photorazzi
Hugh Grant unconventional good looks and disarming smile have made him a popular leading man in Hollywood. In spite of well-publicized choices in his personal life the actor's talent has kept him well on top of the game.
In this photo we see Hugh Grant sporting a razor cut style that is heavily textured to show his natural curl to its best advantage. This cut is well suited to most any wavy- mildly curly hair type, and is perfect for drawing attention from oddly-balanced features.
The Cut: This is a longer variant of the traditional man's cut which is performed with the razor tool. The fringe is cut to the mid-point of the forehead and heavily textured to create choppy bangs.
The sides and back are cut shorter as is expected of the man's haircut, with an angled wedge over the mid-point of the ears and tapering in the nape area. These regions, too, are heavily textured. The top is slightly longer, and cut to create a choppy effect.
The Style: After shampooing and conditioning, the hair should be sprayed with leave-in conditioner and styling product. At this point, you should use your blow-dryer and dry the hair, directing the airflow slightly upward and toward the back.
Use a round brush to direct the hair into a full-volume style. Dry the hair to a mostly dry state and use a small amount of styling wax or pomade to pull tufts and peaks up in the hairstyle.
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